Team and Activities

Composed of staff trained in Special Education or Sports and Leisure, the residence team provides students with enticing activities and a dynamic, warm environment. Sporting, cultural and social activities are organized to create a pleasant, engaging living environment. The facilitator team accompanies students from the moment courses end and ensures everyone's well-being and safety.

They make sure all student residents find their place in the group, work for academic success and develop personal autonomy.

Numerous activities are included in the program to entertain students and encourage them to enjoy memorable times in Québec. A varied program of activities and discovery excursions has been set up. Activities include unique experiences like winter camping in an igloo, adventures on our lakes and rivers (such as overnight canoe trips and sailing trips), and also sight-seeing excursions to Québec City, Montreal, Ottawa and other regions of Québec.

Activités à la résidence du CNDA

The Thunder Team

  • Christine Houle, chef d'équipe
  • Catherine Marchand, éducatrice, responsable des résidentes de 1re, 2e et 3e secondaire
  • Mylène Quessy, éducatrice, responsable des résidentes de 4e et 5e secondaire et fin de semaine
  • Maxence Bourassa, éducateur, responsable des résidents de 1re, 2e et 3e secondaire
  • Lysanne Cummings, éducatrice
  • Sylvain Papillon, éducateur des résidents de 4e et 5e secondaire
  • Jasmin Thomas, éducateur
  • Dominic Métail, éducateur
  • Mélina Boudreault, éducatrice
  • Francine Cormier, surveillante de nuit
  • Joanie Allard, surveillante de nuit
  • Julie Morel, surveillante de nuit
  • Nathalie Houle, directrice des communications et du développement