Technology in class

For several years, the College has distinguished itself in teaching methodology by embracing technology.

Every class is adapted to new technologies, enabling students to optimize their learning. The use of Web 2.5 and the advent of digital books impel students to become masters of their own learning. In this way, they develop skills actively.

By offering classes adapted to new technologies, we give students tools to take charge of their studies.

Whether they are using a laptop, a Chromebook or an iPad, students learn to create, publish, communicate, share and interact with a range of partners, including teachers, peers and students elsewhere in the world.

Typical schedule for a Secondary 1 student

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At CNDA, profiles are a major part of the learning experience.

Two half days every nine-day cycle. 5 CNDA profiles: Develop your passions!

The ABC's of Program Choice

All programs integrate the use of technological devices!

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