Let's let loose!

From 2 :30 to 3 :30 p.m.

At the start of each term, athletic, educational, artistic and other activities will be offered to the students.

They can choose from a wide range of activities.

Tutoring andhelp with academic success and homework  are also offered as needed to keep students on the path to success.

They can also choose a concentration, Danse or Athletics, for the  whole academic year.

Dance Study Course

In the Dance Study Concentration, in partnership with École Ovation Danse, students can develop skills in their preferred dance style 3 or 6 times over a 9-day cycle .  


Sports Study Course

The Sports Study Concentration is designed to develop students' athletic skills.  They can flourish in the obstacle course, long-jump, shot put, or other athletic activities 3 or 6 times a over a 9-day cycle.