The ABC's of Program Choice

Our programs

All programs integrate the use of technological devices, enabling students to prepare themselves for tomorrow's world by learning how to master new technologies today.

  • Performance + Program
    This enriched intensive English program enables students to complete five years of enriched English in only three years. In Secondary 4 and 5, students study college-level English literature. From Secondary 3 on, Spanish is integrated into the curriculum. Students must choose a profile to complete their program.
  • Horizon
    This program enables students to pursue their education in a stimulating environment open to the world and tuned in to current events, with the added value of supervision and an environment adapted to student needs. Students in this program have access to all the enriched programs in English, Mathematics and Science. They must choose a profile to complete their program.
  • Teacher Support Program
    This program is a variation of the Horizon Program, the only difference being that students do not choose a profile. Students in this program have two supplementary periods of French, and two supplementary periods of Mathematics added to their schedules. They also benefit from more personalized instruction enabling them to develop effective learning strategies. This program is designed for all young people who wish to succeed and who have specific needs or learning difficulties. CNDA profiles: Develop your passions! At CNDA, profiles are a major part of the learning experience. Two half days every nine-day cycle.

Technology in the classroom

For several years, the College has distinguished itself in teaching methodology by embracing technology.

Every class is adapted to new technologies, enabling students to optimize their learning. The use of Web 2.5 and the advent of digital books impel students to become masters of their own learning. In this way, they develop skills actively.

By offering classes adapted to new technologies, we give students tools to take charge of their studies.

Whether they are using a laptop, a Chromebook or an iPad, students learn to create, publish, communicate, share and interact with a range of partners, including teachers, peers and students elsewhere in the world.

Our profiles

At CNDA, profiles are a major part of the learning experience.
Two half days every nine-day cycle.

  • Sports & Outdoor Activities Profile
    This profile introduces students to a variety of sports activities. Examples of activities that could be offered include sea kayak or rabaska excursions, rock climbing, tennis, self-defense techniques, mountain hikes, biking, curling, snowshoe circuits, cross-country skiing, etc.
  • High-tech Robotics Profile
    The High-tech Robotics profile offers students the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, and to work in teams. In response to challenging exercises presented to them, students design, build and program different types of robots. In addition, they have the possibility of sharing their creations with the growing world-wide community of robot designers. Students are also introduced to the basics of application programming.
  • Multimedia Profile
    The Multimedia profile deepens knowledge and attitudes essential to optimal academic achievement. Using cutting-edge computer software, students create stimulating, enriching art projects. They make short films, use green screen, try out image-processing software, edit videos, learn photography, stop-motion, light-painting, etc. They hone skills and stimulate their creativity.
  • Culinary Arts Profile
    The Culinary Arts profile is a fun-filled course in which students learn kitchen basics. They develop skills and learn to trust themselves in the culinary domain. They roll up their sleeves and learn how to work in a kitchen, how to use basic appliances and kitchen implements, how to follow a recipe and dream up their own menus.
  • Fashion Design Profile
    This profile allows students to hone their creativity with stimulating fashion design projects. Students try out different sewing techniques and explore the world of fashion design. Through a wide range of projects, they are also encouraged to develop business skills.