The College's educational plan strives to create a learning community that invites students to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives, and to integrate knowledge and learning so as to live in greater harmony with their environment, within themselves and with others.

Our values

  • Self-realization: developing and using personal potential and talents.
  • Tolerance: living peacefully with others, in dignity and equality.
  • Solidarity: becoming aware of mutual responsibilities.
  • Respect: for oneself, for others and for the environment.

A school that helps you prepare for tomorrow's challenging world International students

CNDA's 7-day residence service enables foreign students to pursue high quality education that opens access to university studies. Completing secondary and collegial studies in Québec is regarded as advantageous before attending university in Québec or even in the rest of Canada.

Teaching methods: the heart of CNDA's success

Collège Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption offers innovative programs featuring a study environment and supervision adapted to the needs of students. Several measures have been set up to support student success*:

  • Support for student success: Rest periods are part of the lunch-hour schedule for all subjects.
  • Supervised study of Secondary 4 and 5 Mathematics: One night a week, students may do their homework with supervision, request supplemental exercises and receive answers to their questions.
  • Teacher support: Profile offered to students experiencing academic difficulty with one of the basic subject matters.
  • Private courses with retired teachers selected by the CNDA administration.
  • Remedial help for foreign students in Mathematics and History, and in French as needed.
*Fees may apply, depending on the student's specific needs.